Factors Affecting Chief of Staff Compensation
There is a clear correlation – as there was in 2022 – between the number of employees in an organisation and the salary of the chief of staff.

Average salary by number of employees

In line with last year’s results, the survey responses show a steady increase in average compensation commensurate with education and experience in the chief of staff role.

Average Salary by eDUCATION LEVEL


Average Salary by years of experience

Average salaries also increase in line with age until sixty, when they drop. This possibly reflects individuals who are winding down to retirement and acting as a chief of staff within a portfolio of part-time and/or advisory roles.

Average salary by age

The largest group of respondents (106) worked for a CEO, but the average salary of these chiefs of staff was $147,900: they were distributed across a wide range of geographies and organisations.
The highest salaries were reported by respondents who worked for a COO or other member of the C-suite (apart from CEO).

Average salary by direct report

As was observed in 2022, this phenomenon is probably accounted for by the fact that only large organisations have chiefs of staff at any level other than CEO or President.