Headline Findings
Average salary of a chief of staff
of chiefs of staff earn $250,000 or more (compared with 30% in 2022)
Average total compensation (including incentives)
of respondents believe that they are compensated fairly; 31% are unsure
The mean salary of $158,500 and total compensation of $192,100 slightly differs to last year’s averages. However, this is likely to be due to a change in the sample base. While still heavily weighted towards North America (71%), there was greater geographical diversity this year, with the proportion of respondents from outside North America increased five percentage points from 2022.
There is a wide geographical variance, with the highest salaries seen in the Middle East (average $206,300) and the lowest in Africa (average $56,600).

Average Salary by CONTINENT

A sector-by-sector analysis reveals leisure/retail to have overtaken healthcare as the best-paid sector in this year's report.
The salary range overall remains similar to that of senior associates in global professional service firms (law firms, consultancy, etc.) and reflects the typical position of a chief of staff in the organisational hierarchy: just below the leadership team(s) and usually without P&L responsibility.
Just over half of our respondents felt that they were fairly compensated, although a smaller proportion than last year replied ‘not sure’ (31 per cent compared with 34 per cent in 2022).